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Each year the HKACB supports two local charities. The lead charity receives the highest level of funding while the secondary charity receives a second injection of support having previously been a lead charity. You can find more about the charities we are supporting and the great work they do below. Each year we also provide funds to an initiative that continues to promote Hong Kong as a leading jurisdiction for international arbitration. This final recipient is announced on the night. You can find more about this year's charities below.



Based at Hebe Haven Yacht Club in Sai Kung, Sailability Hong Kong's bi-lingual programs aim to provide a safe environment for people with disabilities or those dealing with challenges through illness, accident etc to learn to sail and to enjoy time on the water.


They provide the necessary training to those having ambition and determination to participate in local regattas, attend international events, represent their country and compete against the more able-bodied on a 'level playing field'.

Their sailors, with intellectual and physical disabilities, have already won one gold and three bronze medals at International events and are looking to win more with your support.


Sailability is entirely Volunteer led,  it receives no Government funding and relies totally on donations from local organisations, other charities, educational organisations and members of the public.  

Sailability suffered devastating damage to its boats and equipment during last year’s record breaking Typhoon Mangkhut and its in urgent need of support to be able to continue its work.

You can find out more about Sailability Hong Kong choice on their website:


Mother’s Choice is a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. Mother's Choice's ambition is to guarantee every child's right to live in a safe and loving family. They achieve this by collaborating with the local community to give hope and change the life stories of vulnerable girls and babies. 

Within their 30 years of existence, Mother's Choice helped - among others - 860 children and youth through foster care, over 2,000 babies and children in their Child Care Home and 53,000 pregnant girls by providing counseling, a safe place to live, pre-natal support etc. Mother's Choice has also found families for 250 children with special needs and supported 215 families through the local adoption journey.


Mother's Choice not only supports a key group of vulnerable people in Hong Kong, they also help create a safe environment for the next generation to grow and live their lives without fearing judgement, persecution and abuse. Most young children who enter into institutional care stay for years, with many leaving the system at the age of 18 without ever knowing the love and support of a family. Children living in institutional care but also teenagers going through pregnancy and family breakdowns often endure a vicious cycle of poverty and instability that is hard to break.


Mother's Choice tries to address these issues through their strong network of 9,000 committed volunteers. Thanks to them, 3.3 millions diapers have been changed and 1.4 million bottle of milk have been distributed since the creation of the Charity.


Mother's Choice strongly contributes to the future of Hong Kong's young generations and for this reason, Mother's Choice has the HKACB committee unanimous support.


You can find out more about Mother's choice on their website:


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